Blue Sage Cafe

March 14 2009, 1:12am

Restaurant: Blue Sage CafeLocation: 21900 Willamette Dr, West Linn, OR 97068Date: March 13th, 2009Ordered: Quesadilla Appetizer, Chicken Caeser Salad, and a "Blue Sage" MargaritaCost: it's complicated...On a lark my friend and I ended up at the Blue Sage Cafe in West Linn, where a third friend had (coincidentally) just mentioned that they were having a promotion on their food. We were seated and opened our menus to find this:Your Price is RightIn deference to the economy, The Blue Sage Cafe is pleased to offer our guests a special opportunity.Just pay full price for beverages and you decide what to pay for your meal. It is that simple. Your server will give you all the details and guide you through the process.Today... Your Price is the Right Price at Blue Sage Cafe!One entree and full-price beverage purchase per person, dine-in only. Let me be the first to say that it's hard to beat the "pay what you think your meal was worth" offer. And - oh no! - I had to buy a drink. It was a rough deal. We ended up splitting the quesadilla while waiting for our third friend to show up. The portion was surprisingly small but I took one bite and was impressed. Maybe I just don't get out all that often, but there was flavor! The portion was the same with my drink: small, but delicious.For the main course I ordered a chicken caesar salad, which I'd like to go on record as saying that it's probably the most overpriced item on a menu (besides soda pop.) Lettuce, chicken, dressing, and a couple croutons... and I defy you to name a restaurant that doesn't charge at least $9 for that combo. Nonetheless, in an attempt to eat healthier, I stuck with the salad (even after a warning that "the salad's not that big" from the waitress.) The salad was, in fact, tiny... yet it also ranks as one of the most delicious chicken caesar salads I've ever had. Some flavor they put in the dressing took it from good to great. It didn't take me long to finish the salad; the portion was tiny and each bite was awesome. (Speaking of the portion size: I'm not exactly starving to death, so portions that can't feed a small country are okay with me.)I've spoken of the food, but let me say this of the service. Our wait staff was friendly, prompt, and attentive. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and I left feeling great about this place.Let me wholeheartedly recommend the Blue Sage Cafe. Even without the promotion, the atmosphere was good, the food was delicious, the service was excellent, and I would definitely go back.

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