Phathaya Thai

March 3 2009, 2:45am

Restaurant: Phathaya ThaiLocation: 9440 N St. Louis Ave, Portland, OR 97203Date: February 26th, 2009Ordered: Pad Thai (Lunch Menu)Cost: $6.95Living near Phathaya Thai, I decided to wander over there for lunch. Not being a fan of terribly spicy food (which I find most Thai food to be), I usually order Pad Thai wherever I go because a) it's almost universally delicious, and b) it gives me a nice yardstick against which to measure various restaurants.Phathaya Thai is a fun little place. There are probably six tables total in the restaurant, though they seem to do fairly brisk to-go business. After sitting down a lovely lady came, took my order, then brought me egg flower soup (a delightful surprise.) The meal came quickly enough and, despite my dietary intentions, I finished off the plate because it was delicious.Would I go there again? Yes! It's close to where I live, the lunch menu is incredibly affordable, and the Pad Thai was yummy!View Larger Map

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